Welcome. I am a PhD candidate at the Psychological Methods research group of the University of Amsterdam. My research is involved with formal models of intelligence and methods for optimizing the learning benefits of large-scale online learning systems. I closely collaborate with my PhD-supervisors Gunter Maris and Han van der Maas, our research partner Oefenweb, and many others, on a variety of projects.

The development of intelligence

We aim to describe patterns of cognitive development with parsimonious formal models—in collaboration with Gunter Maris, Han van der Maas, Maarten Marsman, Abe Hofman.

A/B testing in online learning

We aim to intervene in large-scale online learning systems, such as Coursera, in order to enable (1) evidence-based iterative improvement of these systems and (2) adaptive and personalized learning experiences (read more here, here, and here)—in collaboration with Joseph Williams, Annemarie Zand Scholten, Nienke Ruijs, Oefenweb.

Diagnostics in learning

We aim to identify students' 'cognitive pathology', such as suboptimal strategies or straight misconceptions, such that these students can receive targeted interventions—in collaboration with Gunter Maris, Benjamin Deonovic, Timo Bechger, Joost Kruis.

When I am not rock climbing or playing basketball, you might find me on one of these: Figshare, GitHub, Google Scholar, IOPS, LinkedIn, ORCID, Publons, ResearchGate, RPubs, Twitter, UvA-DARE