2022-09-20 DE IACAT From adaptive practicing to one-to-one tutoring

2022-07-11 IT IMPS Tracing students’ systematic errors in large-scale online multiplication practice

2022-06-02 BE MCLS Tracing students’ systematic errors in large-scale online multiplication practice

2021-06-22 DE Learning @ Scale Adaptive learning systems and interference in causal inference

2020-01-28 NL Stichting Tabijn Data in het onderwijs

2019-09-17 NL LEARN! Annual Conference The wiring of intelligence

2019-07-31 DE Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien Tracing systematic errors in multiplication and beyond

2019-06-27 NL ORD Exploring case based predictions of schools at risk

2019-06-06 NL University of Amsterdam The wiring of intelligence & double blind experiments in online learning

2019-05-22 NL IvhO Sectordag PO ICT in het onderwijs

2018-12-13 NL IvhO AWP Conferentie Voorspellingsmodellen voor risicoscholen

2018-07-10 US IMPS A network model for developmental intelligence

2018-04-03 NL Tilburg University The holdout principle & developmental intelligence

2018-03-08 US ACT Tech Talk Multiplication error diagnosis & developmental intelligence

2017-12-14 NL IOPS A network approach to the development of intelligence

2017-12-14 NL IOPS The curious case of the question mark

2017-03-07 NL Leiden University Adaptive practice in online learning

2016-11-30 FI EARLI SIG 27 Online Measures of Learning Processes The role of A/B tests in the study of online learning

2016-11-09 NL Dé Onderwijsdagen Wat leren we van online adaptieve leersystemen?

2010-11-18 NL Spui25 Recovering causal structures from observational data